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Legal Ethics and Discipline Lawyer

Former Bar Managing Disciplinary Counsel and Assistant General Counsel Representing Lawyers

Attorney Kevin Bank practiced for 19 years at the Washington State Bar Association, progressing from Disciplinary Counsel to Managing Disciplinary Counsel, and then to Assistant General Counsel.

He represents lawyers and bar applicants in a wide range of matters. He also provides ethics consultations and expert testimony.

Kevin Bank has extensive knowledge about Bar disciplinary and character and fitness procedures, as well as the complex ethical rules governing the legal profession.


Kevin Bank can represent you in the following cases:

  • You are a lawyer who has received a Bar complaint and need assistance responding;
  • You have responded to a Bar complaint on your own but are concerned that the Bar is continuing to investigate;
  • The Bar has filed formal charges against you;
  • You are a lawyer not admitted in Washington or a law student seeking admission to the Bar, and you have concerns about Character and Fitness issues;
  • You need a legal ethics consultation, opinion letter on an ethical issue, or an ethics expert.